11 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools In 2022 You Need to Know

Are you worried about your content originality and want to sure about its uniqueness? Then you landed on the right page.

Today in this article, I will share ten best free plagiarism checker tools by busing that you can ensure that your content is unique and protect your site from the DMCA strike and Google penalty.

If you are not aware of plagiarism, so first, let me tell you what plagiarism is.

It is the practice of presenting someone else’s work as one’s own, and even copying your published word comes under plagiarism.

Generally, newbie bloggers and inexperienced writers do this to save their time and effort, which is required to write well researched original content.

If you are a blogger, then I am sure you heard or read this “Content is King,” which is right.

For your online reputation, your content must be unique. Duplicate work damages the author’s reputation and can destroy your professional career.

So it becomes essential to fight plagiarism, especially for bloggers and content writers who publish there content online.

So Let’s begin


Undoubtedly Grammarly is one of the best free plagiarism tools. It not only helps you to protect your content from plagiarism but also tells you spellings and grammatical errors in your writing. It is a must-have tool for writers and bloggers.

11 Best Free Plagiarism Tools In 2020

Once you download its chrome extension, it will auto-suggest your spellings and grammatical errors.

Grammarly scans your entire text for spellings errors as well as up to 250 grammatical errors and provides you with instant suggestions to correct.

It helps you to improve your writing quality, enhance vocabulary and support to become a better writer.

Grammarly comes with two options either you can use its free version or a premium version with some added features.


Duplichecker is a free plagiarism checker which you can use to discover plagiarism of your content. It’s simple and user-friendly interface makes it suitable for bloggers, writers and teachers. Also, it provides you with instant results within seconds.

You can check plagiarism just by copy-pasting or uploading content in different formats. It also facilitates to find plagiarism by just pasting Url.

For bloggers or content writers, it is preferable to register which is free because It permits one free search with 1000 words limit for an unregistered user per day while it allows 50 searches daily for registered users.

Other than plagiarism tool it offers you grammar check and other different tools which you can use according to your needs.


CopyLeaks is another best free online tool which helps you to fight plagiarism in your content. It supports multiple languages and file formats. It scans the web to fight plagiarism of your content.

But for free users, service is minimal. It allows ten pages a month with 250 words per page which are the disadvantage of this tool.

Furthermore, you can extend this limit by choosing premium services for heavy uses. Copyleaks offers you two different plans, one for
education and another one is for business purposes.

It also provides you with an Android App which supports multiple languages.


PapeRater is another incredible online software to make your content copyright free which gives you quick results within seconds. You can find copyright materials, either copy-pasting or uploading content.

Its cloud-based software scenes deep your entire text and provides you with an instant result. Apart from plagiarism, it also offers you spelling and grammar checks and online proofreading free.

PaperRater gives you options to use its free version or its paid version, which comes with a vocabulary builder tool, which helps you to improve your vocabulary and enhance your writing skills.


PlagTracke is free online software to identify copied content in your article. It gives you unlimited word counts to check and provides you with a detailed report of your scanned work to your email.

11 Best Free Plagiarism Tools In 2020 You Need to Know

But this tool has some limitations. It doesn’t have an option to upload files in any format in the free version. It doesn’t provide results immediately. The document may be in the queue for up to 30 minutes.

Also, it doesn’t provide a completely accurate result and can’t rely upon 100%. So, It is preferable to cross-check the outcome with another tool to be sure about the result.

It also offers a paid version which gives you some additional features like scanning documents in large volume and grammar checker.


Quetext is the enemy of copied content. It is also the best free tool which protects your content from plagiarism. It is the best free tool for bloggers, freelance writers, teachers and students.

I like, its interface which is simple and easy to use, you have to copy-paste your content to find plagiarism. Also, you can do this by uploading files.

It provides you with a fast result with highlighted copied content. It also provides the sources of matched content which you are using in your article.

But good things come with limitations its free version gives you 5000 words count only. If you want to increase this limit, then you have to go with the pro version. Pro version provides additional features such as, increase word limit per search, multiple file upload and generate PDF reports.


Plagiarisma is free software to fight plagiarism. You can easily download its software to work on windows, android, Blackberry, and web. It also supports google, yahoo, and bing.

You can check plagiarism simply by copy-pasting or by pasting URL. You can upload documents to check. It supports multiple formats like TXT, HTML, RTF, MS WORD DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, XLS, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2 etc.

One prime feature of this software is it supports 190+ languages. It takes a few minutes to analyse your content and find plagiarism.

Its free version comes with limitations which give you up to 3 checks daily. However, its paid version gives you unlimited tests.


Plagscan is a fantastic tool to find plagiarism of your content in a simple, rapid and precise way. To find plagiarism, it checks online web as well as an internal database.

It is straightforward to use an online tool which has limited free trial for the new user. It gives you a 2000 word count limit to check plagiarism of your content as a trail. It also gives you the option for uploading multiple documents.

It provides you with fast and accurate results within seconds and also the list of matched sources of your content.

Plagscan offers you different paid plans which you can check and find the best one according to your need.


Plagium is an amazing online tool which detects plagiarism of your content from the online web as well as checks social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., which bring it apart from other online tools.

It’s simple and easy to user-friendly interface makes it the most suitable tool for beginners. Unlike other tools, it is fast and gives you results quickly.

There is also a paid version of this tool which provides you with some extra features such as downloading of the file which is not available for free users.

Its paid version also provides you with a compare feature, which you can use to compare two different writings.

Search Engine Reports

Search engine reports is also a free plagiarism checker to check the copyright infringement of your content. It is an easy and free way to check plagiarism of your content.

Ensure Originality of your content only by typing or copy-pasting content or pasting Url. It also allows you to upload files.

It permits, you to check plagiarism up to 2000 words count per search. It also allows you to set a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing in which you want to check plag of your content.


If we are talking about the best free plagiarism tool and not include Copyscape in this list, then it will be an injustice. It is one of the best free plagiarism checker tools with unique features.

Other tools which provide you plagiarism in your content it provides you with a list of URLs who copied your content.

It offers, you two different plans, the first one is free and second is paid.

The free plan helps, you to find a list of URLs who copied your content and If you want to check plagiarism in your content, then you have to choose the premium version which allows you to detect copyright infringement of your content only by copy-pasting.

Final words

These are the best free plagiarism checker tools which you can use to make your content plagiarism-free.

I use Grammarly because it provides lots of features for free, which other free tools don’t offer.

Which plagiarism checker is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section. It is preferable to check out different tools before finalising the best one for you.

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